Every New Year is greeted with lots of resolutions of all kinds. After receiving the anointing to cross over, fly over and jump over among others from the previous year, various social media platforms are also flooded with motivational messages that intend to instill in us the will power to do great things in the New Year. Resolution literally means to conceive an idea to do something or to have a decision to do something. During this period, what we normally here are; I want to.., I will…, I have to… All these are preludes to people’s intended aspirations for the year. Attention must be drawn to the fact that these utterances are in future tenses. Some people note down their intentions while others make theirs orally. What are we supposed to do? Do people get to realise their intended goals and aspirations? Is there any sacrifice one has to make? Organisation wise, are we ready? What of discipline? Are we ready to face our fears?

Resolution, more often unravels certain mysteries regarding one’s purpose. Imagine someone who sets his mind to establish a business this year and with much effort and determination is able to achieve that goal. Such achievement tends to become purpose. Again, resolution lies in the realm of long-term achievable plans broken into reasonable bits every year. Well, I stand to be corrected. To make a decision or to aspire for something in a particular year as anyone else is communicable. It is against this backdrop that I have termed every New Year’s resolution as ‘fever’ that compels every individual to find the medication to its cure at the end of the year. There is a consensus that the foods we eat or the kind of life we live can culminate to the contraction of diseases or inure to good health. On this note, proper diet equals good health and improper diet equals poor health. Can I therefore state that if the product of your diet is sickness, then effective medication is appropriate? Conversely, if your diet does not culminate to any sickness, is there any need for medication? To be open-minded towards a particular year does not attract any set of rules of engagement to achieve any set of goals but a continuation and improvement of your own modules to engage your own future. Conceiving an idea is never sufficient until it is achieved and retained. Unless that aspiration of yours is realised, it only becomes an illusion.

To sort for the right medication for your aspirations, be ready to pay a personal price. Take also into consideration the resources at your disposal. Effective planning and prayer are keys to having our aspirations met. Your readiness to effect these lies in the realm of personal vision. Personal vision should be a preceding factor to having a plan for a particular year. Helen Keller nailed the point that “It is better to have no sight than to have no vision”. To have no vision is to have no direction. In that way, you can be swayed by any wind or storm. You diametrically lose sight of opportunities because of unpreparedness towards the direction chosen. It is only prepared minds that opportunities come to. Resolution is not a remote control that can be used to arrive at a certain result by the press of a button or by chance. Self-knowledge is very crucial here. If you fail to identify yourself of areas where you can be great, you achieve little success or none. Are you supposed to do what everybody is doing? Dr. Martin Luther King Junior said “If you cannot be a pine on top of a hill, be a scrub in the valley but be the best little scrub on the side of the rail. Be a bush if you cannot be a tree. If you cannot be a highway just be a trail. If you cannot be the sun, be the star. For it is not by size that you win or fail”. Self-knowledge cures.

To make a resolution a reality is not just about written words or by words of mouth. According to Proverbs 14:23, “In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty”. It takes action to complete every mission. You should never stand back and be satisfied with just being organised. Organisation without productivity is failure. Be action oriented! Vision without action is a day dream and action without vision is a night mare. Put action into whatever resolution you have made or about to make this year. Let your plans and actions become a routine. Note that your thinking (programming) influences your actions (activities). Are you ready to engage yourself in activities that can help you to train your mind to develop your memory for thinking positively? It is a new year; develop new mental faculty and thinking capacity. Remember, battles are won in the mind. As opined by Bishop Oyedepo, whatever is too big for your mind is also big for your hand. Affirmatively, Jim Donavan was right when he stated; “The result you produce is determined by the action you take. If you develop a belief you can do whatever you set your mind to, you’ll tap into more of limitless potentials, take massive amounts of actions and produce even greater results. We can conceive wonderful ideas but it’ll take us our actions to execute these wonderful ideas and bring them into being at the end of the day”. Let us walk the talk.

If you play with turkeys, you cannot fly with eagles. Find out those who will and can help you accomplish your set goals. Beware of ‘PEERS’ because they are ‘People Encouraging Errors Rudeness and Stupidity’ as described by Dr.Ben Carson. Do not spend too much time wanting to be in someone else’s life.

Self-discipline is a salient factor to self-actualisation. Discipline will keep us on track. Discipline is a godly character that propels an individual to achieve an intended goal. The Bible is replete with references to the fact that discipline is a catalyst to one’s progression in life. To be discipline means to have a self-controlled ability. Self-control is what will automatically compel you to be committed to your actions towards the achievement of your intended gaols. Discipline is one of the greatest qualities an individual can ever have. A good example can be found in the military where disciplined armies are the ones who invariable win battles. Failure to heed to discipline has its own repercussions. Poverty and shame can come to you (Proverbs 13:18). Without a self-controlled life, you are insecure as anything can penetrate into your life (Proverbs 25:28). We all have dreams but it takes discipline to make us to be obedient to the call of our dreams. Without discipline, there is no life at all (Katharine Hepburn). Let us therefore nip in the bud characters that do not produce the fruit of discipline. All these are right but more importantly is when we surrender to God’s dream for us. The more active we can be in pursuing the will of God, we will be able to get to our destinations in life.

It is a New Year and we have been infected by the ‘fever’. At the end of the year, we will get to know the men and the boys.

“When our attitudes are right, our abilities reach a maximum of effectiveness and good results inevitably follow. Attitudes do make the difference.” Rick Warren

Published by: Tomdi Lucky

Tomdi Lucky is gentleman who believes that for whatever he does, God is interested in it and perhaps man is also interested. There are myriad ways to impact generations and one of them is through writing. To write is to motivate To write is to teach To write is to inform To write is to inspire To write is to encourage To write is to reveal To write is to inculcate wisdom and knowledge To write is to discover...............

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