Why?The Jealousy 2

In our part of the subregion, greater part of people’s envy towards others leads to destruction. This has negatively affected individual development (human resources) and the nation indirectly. Think tankers of the country have to identify those who jealous others and charge them guilty for causing human resource loss to the state. Are you surprised? Haha

It is imperative to note that my ability ( strength)to perform a certain duty might be your weakness to do same and vice versa. Perhaps,we are not the same and can never be. What at all is the essence of jealousy? It doesn’t bring us any good. It rather pulls us back in life since we lose sight of our dreams. Jealousy adds to fear,subtracts energy,divides our potentials and multiplies depression in life. Jealousy is one of the weapons the devil uses to floor our Spiritual and physical life. If we anticipate failure for someone, we predict our failure too because we are beneath observing from below. Rev. William Dwomoh Willington on jealousy said”Are you blind and ignorant to observe the person you envy still grows fat( still progresses in life) while you keep on dwindling down ?Anytime you see him,you tremble and lose focus. You don’t have rest and inner peace”. If we continue to envy others of their possessions,we will end up inflicting pain in life which might be irreversible.I must opine that may be we’ve not tried and worked enough to realise our God given potentials and resources as well. Our abilities and capabilities have been swept under the carpet while we struggle to push ourselves into areas of proposed success‘. Sometimes what we think we are might not be what we actually are. It is our responsibility to discover our purposes and work indefatigably towards them while we reconsider our decisions to ameliorate. Discovery leads to gratitude.

Get to know yourself. If you’re blind to your identity as well as your position in life,you’ll always continue to envy others. Attention must be given to the good content in us. For life is predicated by the content in us. Let’s learn to develop our content. What lies before and behind us are tiny things to what is within usDo what you can with what you have at where you are. We might not have the paraphernalia to push us. Let’s present our petition to God (the provider) through prayers and thanksgiving. If we stand aloof and do nothing, our situation will still be the same. “If you abide in me,and my words abide in you,ask whatever you wish,and it will be done for you” John 15:7,ESV. Wow! Let’s pray for the grace of discovery. Let’s appreciate and value what we have at the moment. God the master planner, in His own wisdom and knowledge has given unto us His grace according to our gift. He knows our strengths and weaknesses. He has also made provisions for us. In His own and appointed time………. Why should we be in the body of Christ and be clothed with jealousy? We have to work on ourselves. We have to carefully and prayerfully masticate the scriptures to understand and halt certain happenings in life. Let’s value what we have no matter its size. It is up to us to transform that little to become great. A seed, despite its size(smallness) when burried in the soil turns to something great( a mighty tree for various uses). 

Every individual has a role to play on this planet earth. Therefore, the stage of roles has been mounted. Play your part and I play mine. Don’t envy me.I’ll not envy you. Don’t let competition turn to jealousy. Let us get moving together in life with

love,loyalty, servitude, honesty,smile and support.

Jealousy,if not nibbed in the bud and swept under the carpet,can be a stumbling block to our salvation and progress.The person you wish for a halt in his progress and success might be the one through whom your star will glow to shine some day.

Jealousy is a disease. Get  well soon.   Lord help us all. Amen!


Published by: Tomdi Lucky

Tomdi Lucky is gentleman who believes that for whatever he does, God is interested in it and perhaps man is also interested. There are myriad ways to impact generations and one of them is through writing. To write is to motivate To write is to teach To write is to inform To write is to inspire To write is to encourage To write is to reveal To write is to inculcate wisdom and knowledge To write is to discover...............

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